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Global Black Fundraising Principles

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Black Philanthropy Month (BPM) has released the first-ever set of universal funding guidelines for equity and impact in Black communities worldwide. The 10 Global Black Funding Principles will promote racial equity in funding, and post-Covid economic recovery for African-descent people. BPM has issued a pledge for funders to sign adopting the principles. Each participating funder will receive a digital badge to publicly convey their support for the principles. 

Over 1500 participants from 30 countries joined the BPM 2020 Black Giving and Beyond Summit series during August. Additionally, an estimated 1 million people engaged on social media. The 10 principles emerged from expert discussions and participant polling during the Summit; along with subsequent survey responses, and online commentary from BPM constituents. 

The Global Black Funding Principles mark the start of BPM’s efforts to mobilize funding for economic recovery and racial justice. The WISE Fund, BPM backbone organization, also founded by BPM Founder Dr. Jackie Copeland, and a BPM advisory group, will help funders across sectors institute the principles in their policies and practices; measure the field’s Black funding equity progress; and improve Black impact organizations’ access to the estimated $21 trillion in social investment funding.   

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